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Building creative products, activating ideas and growing companies

We provide top-notch SEO Consultancy in the three main pillars of SEO: Technical, On and Off-Page. We are data-based and nothing goes without Research, Strategy and Execution. Our services can't be listed as they are unique in their nature. We guarantee up-to-date (yes, we are geeks always emerged in the SEO Wrold), customized solutions grounded in solid SEO best practices (yes, we refine strategy and execution according to what you have in-house) but aiming for higher grounds (yes, we don't settle for "good").


We are data freaks, and let figures speak for themselves. We want to delve into your data, make several questions and understand all the details, be a partner that works as an extension of your teams rather than a third party. We want a full understanding of the brand and your values, which will ensure you feel comfortable working with us.



Data, data, data. We are all about numbers, as they tend to speak by themselves. Our recommendations are data-informed and decisions are grounded in what we find rather than personal opinions or shallow assumptions. We prioritize insights to reports, and testing to hunches. This allows beZazz a great level of confidence in everything we commit to with proven results.


We have loads of experience and proven results. We prioritize based on the brand mission/goals and align with the business KPIs for ROI. Our decisions are based on data which allow us a strong level of confidence. beZazz a great level of confidence in everything we commit to with proven results.



We get our hands dirty and go the extra mile. We use our tools smartly, combining several darta resources with long years of experience in SEO whether in different industries, companies and situations. But we never loose track of the human-value of SEO as we believe no tool can replace the deep knowledge of human behaviour which is the core of SEO (wouldn't this channel exists to satisfy users search)


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